Continuing my feature of ice cream reviews, I bring you my review of the Solero Exotic by Walls.

“A delicious ice cream coated in an exotic fruit sorbet. It contains no artificial colours or flavours, and 99 calories.” Walls website

Aesthetic Appeal:

The Solero Exotic by Walls has an exceedingly vivid aesthetic quality to it, with the vibrant orange hue of the sorbet coating enticing one into its delectable innards. Once the outer coating has been sweeped away, a beautiful marble swirl of orange can be seen against the snowy whiteness of the vanilla ice cream; providing a simple and yet alluring contrast between the bright orange and milky white colour combination.


The texture of the vanilla portion of the lolly is satisfyingly smooth, gliding across the tongue. The sorbet seems to adopt a more icy texture, although it is soft and light, just as a sorbet should be.


The vanilla ice cream is satisfyingly creamy and sweet, not overpoweringly sweet though, very well balanced. The sorbet is tangy and sharp, with notes of passion fruit and mango particularly shining through, tantalising the taste buds. This fusion of both the vanilla ice cream and the fruit sorbet seem to merge seamlessly to provide a delicious fruity sorbet, against a smooth and creamy backdrop of vanilla.

chilled and thrilled 8/10