In a tradition well-known to many british youths, I found myself and a large group of friends going to a clubbing resort on holiday earlier this summer. For the typical wild, drunken trip that seems to be the norm for all young people such as myself.

Nissi Beach

Above you can see the beach, full of the standard “wet t-shirt competitions” and frolicking holiday-makers. It was actually a very nice beach to my surprise, despite the huge numbers of tourists present there, it has blue-flag status, meaning it adheres to certain water and litter standards (I think). Me and my friends spent many an afternoon there with its clear, blue water and fine, golden sand 🙂


One of my favourite activities to partake in whilst drunk is meeting and talking to new people, safe in the knowledge that whatever nonsense and rubbish I come up with, I won’t be seeing them ever again ^^! This basically means that I free to say whatever I want for my own personal amusement, sometimes resulting in angry responses, but mostly my drunken rambling is received by ecstatic, joyous, faces. I did indeed meet lots of random people whom I now have no recollection of; except for one: Lily the lizard. She was easily the most interesting friend I have ever made on a night out. For whatever reason, me and my friend just seemed to get along with Lily so well… and I just wish we had caught her surname so a sincere facebook add could have found itself heading her way. Oh well =/…

Mysterious rabbit

The most bizarre occurrence of the whole holiday was surely the ghostly rabbit spirit that appeared before us on the plane home. It is surely, the most clear evidence of ghosts I have seen in my life.

All in all, it was a very fun holiday 😀