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Should I feel bad for doing this?

On the one hand I feel that seeking to gain benefit from a health campaign designed to help people in my perceived demographic (sexually active students) seems like an morally wrong thing to partake in. What right do I have to come along and just take the NHS’s free stuff? I think the fact that I know for certain almost, that I do not have these STIs makes it worse. Because, obviously, although the free stuff is meant to be an incentive for everyone, to attract the people who may/do have STIs to come forward and then, shock horror discover that, in the midst of enjoying their “if you can catch this, you can catch chlamydia” frisbee that the slogan makes sense all of a sudden.

The problem here is, that I know I probably do not have these STIs, I am merely exploiting the system for personal gain; I enjoy my frisbee, highlighter, keyring, phone sock, cinema ticket, led light, bag of condoms and lube safe in the knowledge that it was all free. Well, it’s the NHS’s problem not mine.

I would like to point out firstly, that, I by no means advocate the behaviour that I participate in, nor do I expect you to think that this is what studying law is like for all people; it is merely just my own personal experience.

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Interesting stuff

I have faint memories on many rainy occasions from my childhood, of being told off by my mother as I would refuse to take the umbrella despite her pleas and would then proceed run off soaken-haired into the distance; hair wet, but intact.

Walking home from university today I was reminded of something I have always known. The design of all umbrellas I have used inherently lead to my hair being caught in between the little connecting parts of their shafts. I absolutely hate it, the umbrella gives no warning and I am subject to a torturous walk through the rain regardless of being dry. This has always happened to me, from my days as a small child when I would choose to get wet instead of having to endure the unrelenting and frequently sharp pricking sensation as my hair would be plucked somewhat from my head in an excruciating fashion. These days however, I seem to favour staying moderately dry and have my hair pulled from my head for some reason or other; and as I sit here writing this my overdramatic self itches the patch of my head which had been assaulted earlier.
Am I making a big deal of this =p?


edit: my umbrella decided to break on me the day after writing this message.. =/

Not really much of a revolutionary point to make, but whilst watching a movie with a companion of mine, I realised how the media can have such a profound effect on your state of mind. Not that this particular moment in time was one that reflected this point the most obviously for me; but after watching half of “synecdoche new york,” a rather peculiar movie about what I could only discern as the breakdown of a man’s life before his very eyes, my own mood seemed to have a more sombre and thoughtful disposition. This was mirrored by the downbeat and imagery and symbol laden nature of the movie. Although only temporary, these such thoughts made me think, in a way which I would not normally lean towards.

Of course, I know the idea of a good movie, song, book or article is to make you think about things in a different perspective, but how much of the media one encounters on a day-to-day basis does one take with themĀ  the long-haul, and how much is left only to your temporary consciousness, one of many thought-provoking ideas not provoking enough to avoid being discarded into a pile of forgotten memories? Do certain people have an inclination to accept particular ideas and let their imaginations run wild with them? I am by no means an expert in this field, so if this is a silly question and a knowledgeable navigator of the human psyche would like to enlighten me then please feel free to comment or email me here.

Just a thought.



rare mushroom of some sort..

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In a tradition well-known to many british youths, I found myself and a large group of friends going to a clubbing resort on holiday earlier this summer. For the typical wild, drunken trip that seems to be the norm for all young people such as myself.

Nissi Beach

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With my final A-level exams dawning on me, naturally my thoughts recently have turned to thinking about what I want to do this summer after their conclusion. The weather seems to be warming up as of late and I am definitely in the mood for some summery frivolities, rather than crappy revision.

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Continuing my feature of ice cream reviews, I bring you my review of the Solero Exotic by Walls.

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