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Coursework makes me sad.. that I cannot blog, I have lots of ideas but every time I try to write a coherent post I just find myself guilty that I’m not doing work and then having to stop. Apologies for anybody who has been disappointed by the lack of recent updates.

Anyway after this thursday it will all be over and I will once again be happy when I can return to the blog 🙂

I hate coursework eugh..


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One of my favourite blur (Coxon) songs : )

Mmmm I’m not sure exactly but I think I just slept from sometime a little after dinner to around 11.30pm ish. My sleeping schedule is probably now quite messed up I imagine haha..

So its finally come, the day of my driving test.. (is tommorrow)

I’m not particularly worried by it I must say, probably because I’m under the BSM pass promise and so if I fail BSM will pay for me to take the test again. However I would really really quite like to pass, mostly so I can finally rid myself of a hellish one and half hour bus journey I am forced to endure every morning and afternoon to and from school. Also, being able to drive will mean that I am not reliant on my parents to take me everywhere, which I am consitently nagged and pestered about naturally.

It does start to make me feel a bit rubbish when I see that some of the kids in the lower sixth have passed and I’m one of the oldest in upper sixth; I guess I just like to take my time with things, as I’m sure my friends will attest to. My mock test, a very impressive 4 majors and 22 minors has, on the bright side meant that I probably can’t do any worse, whether or not this will translate into a pass or not is another matter but we shall see : )

Update: I failed =p

So yeah, after abour 4 weeks of “relaxing” after some very stressful exams I have come to realise that I am now in serious need of starting work again. Though as I moved into a habit of having fun, staring out of windows, wandering around and blogging everything that came into my head I have totally neglected my work and as such, while I currently am trying to work… I cannot concentrate for the life of me.

I have a chronic procrastination problem, facebook, eating, msn, blog, television are all common avenues with which I divert myself from work. Especially after familarising myself with the aforementioned things on most of my school evenings for the last month and a half, I am now finding work exceedingly dificult, be it in school or out. I think I’m going to make myself a work timetable, if I can get round to it.. ^^

Die please, thanks =)

Birmingham was next stop on my university tour yesterday. After a very early start for my driving lesson at 8 I headed off in the car to Birmingham. Thankfully this also meant that any travel predicaments were left to my dad and the satellite navigation lady (always a woman) to figure out, whilst I dozed off in the passenger seat, good times :). The journey there was rather long in the morning due to all the traffic but we made it in good time, despite the only road into the car park we were designated to being blocked by 2 big diggers and fencing, convenient I know.

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Continuing my tour of my university place offers I went to Southampton yesterday. I will begin by saying that it was an absolutely stunning day, not a cloud in sight. I basked in the lovely spring sunshine with a big smile on my face, all the way from Paddington to Southampton station. I got a little lost on my way out of the station, pretty standard stuff really with my sense of direction. Missed the sign saying “buses” and chose the other way instead, probably not a wise move. Soon though, I was sitting merrily on the U1A all the way to the university campus.

Clouds present due to location of photo not being southampton yet!

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Exam results come out this thursday, I’m both scared and frightened for their arrival. Head is kind of going a bit crazy with the prospect of these and coursework in two subjects to think about. I couldn’t actually describe the way I felt, but a friend perhaps nailed it on the head, “fatigue” that’s it exactly, I feel wearied by lack of sleep, stressed out by schoolwork. I’m not depressed or anything like that, but I just feel a bit stretched out, like butter spread out too thinly over a slice of bread. I can’t really gather my thoughts and my simile producing skills are clearly suffering… no more blog for tonight =p.