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“Guilt- Remorseful awareness of having done something wrong”

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From the off, I will admit that I started watching this series with a lot of pre-meditated cynicism due to the incessant raving over it =p. The opening was initially confusing to say the least, opening with a rather sinister and ominous prelude (death of a man) that I was certainly not expecting. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tomorrow I will begin the start of my episodic review of the Trinity, brought to my attention by my lovely english classmates.

Just a quick foreword: for those who don’t know, Trinity is an ITV2 television series, set in the fictional trinity college in Bridgeford University; which I could only describe as a part Skins, part Scooby doo, whodunit, with plenty of drama and meaningless sex to boot. Due to my well-voiced distaste being somewhat unfounded, I decided and took it upon myself to watch Trinity and see what all the fuss was about ^^! Whether or not I will change my initial perceptions of the show remains to be seen though..

Look forward to my review of episode 1 tomorrow 😉

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Yeah sorry readers about the lack of updates recently, I promise I will get back to blogging very soon.

This is quite possibly the beest thing in the world (no exaggeration here)! Seriously though, don’t expect too much though and you might just be surprised at the amazingness of microwave cake.. in 5 minutes.

I was initially quite intrigued by the idea of the film Invention of lying, a world where people are bound to telling only the truth; I was interested to see whether they could portray such a world realistically or even just believably. The trailer had the usual gags and gave me a general idea of what to expect in this film.

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