I would like to point out firstly, that, I by no means advocate the behaviour that I participate in, nor do I expect you to think that this is what studying law is like for all people; it is merely just my own personal experience.

Just a little foreword: I am a first year law student in the UK, taking a three-year LLB course. I studied geography, history and english literature for my A-levels. I have no particular area of law that I wish to enter following my degree, but I hope that my field of interest will develop along with my blog into something vaguely more interesting than kitchen foil.

It is currently 6 weeks into my degree and I feel that I have settled in somewhat to life at university; however, disorganisation in my life seems to be be rife. I am not fully up to date with my studies and other aspects of my life, I have a whole host of unpaid fees for random societies (including the law society) and have missed copious amounts of meetings for them too. This is definitely something that will be sorted out soon, as my procrastination over study could do with being at least somewhat slightly more productive and fun than facebook and snacking. Additionally I find myself regretting certain things, for example, my £99 gym membership… I have not entered the gym once despite my constant worries about maintaining my beach body.

The fact that I am sitting here at 6.26am writing this blog certainly draws attention though, to the fact that my sleeping pattern is, once again totally and utterly atrociously bad. I have a knack for desiring to do my work before I sleep, but also at the same time, procrastinating instead of doing my work, which often leads me down a deep and dark spiral of sadness and sorrow as my tiredness kicks in and my motivation to do the work dwindles proportionately. Why I do this to myself I do not know, but at least my excuse for today is that I am just trying to fix my body clock and thus, tomorrow (today) I go to bed I can go to bed at a normal hour… perhaps.

For anyone worried about the workload, I feel that it is certainly manageable, for now at least. I heard myself of many shocking tales involving law students’ workload and it seems to be both true and false. All I can say is that the amount of hours one has to put in varies, one seminar’s preparation (smaller group session) can range from nothing one week to 4 hours plus the next, and obviously the work is what you make of it, you can do more if you want to or need to, less if you don’t want to or don’t need to, and so on. Obviously I realise that, despite describing the work as “manageable”, I am myself behind, but we shall ignore this hypocrisy as I promise to improve in future! But hey, at least this way I can ensure total reader satisfaction via describing both sides of the picture, from a lazy perspective and from a studious one (watch this space).

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