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With my final A-level exams dawning on me, naturally my thoughts recently have turned to thinking about what I want to do this summer after their conclusion. The weather seems to be warming up as of late and I am definitely in the mood for some summery frivolities, rather than crappy revision.

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Continuing my feature of ice cream reviews, I bring you my review of the Solero Exotic by Walls.

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In order to get myself through a long night of work last night I decided that several large mugs of mocha would be necessary if I was to not fall asleep at my desk. I am usually one that avoids the consumption of caffeine in order to keep myself artificially awake and for good reason it seems. Today has been something of a blur for me and a mighty shock to many of my schoolmates unlucky enough to stumble into conversation with me during school. I don’t really remember, but apparantly I was making animal/random noises and and talking to myself earlier, as well as being extraordinarily spaced out (even more so than usual); perhaps 1 hour of sleep and such copious amounts of caffeine was not a wise idea.I became slightly paranoid, slightly fidgety and generally just rather weird.

People soon started to worry and I was quick to reassure them with a vacant glance and the (in)appropriate random noise of recognition. On top of this, I didn’t even get to finish all my work so all this caffeine was wasted somewhat.


p.s. I like a box