I have faint memories on many rainy occasions from my childhood, of being told off by my mother as I would refuse to take the umbrella despite her pleas and would then proceed run off soaken-haired into the distance; hair wet, but intact.

Walking home from university today I was reminded of something I have always known. The design of all umbrellas I have used inherently lead to my hair being caught in between the little connecting parts of their shafts. I absolutely hate it, the umbrella gives no warning and I am subject to a torturous walk through the rain regardless of being dry. This has always happened to me, from my days as a small child when I would choose to get wet instead of having to endure the unrelenting and frequently sharp pricking sensation as my hair would be plucked somewhat from my head in an excruciating fashion. These days however, I seem to favour staying moderately dry and have my hair pulled from my head for some reason or other; and as I sit here writing this my overdramatic self itches the patch of my head which had been assaulted earlier.
Am I making a big deal of this =p?


edit: my umbrella decided to break on me the day after writing this message.. =/