Not really much of a revolutionary point to make, but whilst watching a movie with a companion of mine, I realised how the media can have such a profound effect on your state of mind. Not that this particular moment in time was one that reflected this point the most obviously for me; but after watching half of “synecdoche new york,” a rather peculiar movie about what I could only discern as the breakdown of a man’s life before his very eyes, my own mood seemed to have a more sombre and thoughtful disposition. This was mirrored by the downbeat and imagery and symbol laden nature of the movie. Although only temporary, these such thoughts made me think, in a way which I would not normally lean towards.

Of course, I know the idea of a good movie, song, book or article is to make you think about things in a different perspective, but how much of the media one encounters on a day-to-day basis does one take with them  the long-haul, and how much is left only to your temporary consciousness, one of many thought-provoking ideas not provoking enough to avoid being discarded into a pile of forgotten memories? Do certain people have an inclination to accept particular ideas and let their imaginations run wild with them? I am by no means an expert in this field, so if this is a silly question and a knowledgeable navigator of the human psyche would like to enlighten me then please feel free to comment or email me here.

Just a thought.