With my final A-level exams dawning on me, naturally my thoughts recently have turned to thinking about what I want to do this summer after their conclusion. The weather seems to be warming up as of late and I am definitely in the mood for some summery frivolities, rather than crappy revision.

Perhaps one of my favourite things in summer are barbeques. I think barbeques are somewhat symbolic of such times, seeing as for the majority of the year, the weather makes any attempt end at bbq related activities end in a flurry of wind and rain. There’s something quite special about sitting round a blazing fire with some burgers, your alcoholic beverage of preference and most importantly good company, into the dwindling moments of light on a summer evening.

I love the feeling the warm sunshine brings, it makes me happy and smile, and get emotional thinking about how awesome life is bla bla =p. I was walking down my road road today and if not for the girl walking several paces beind me’s presence, I probably would have broken into song and dance, something along the lines of…..

Albeit, slightly more exaggerated and happy than the video might suggest of course…

Walking home with the sun out, not quite hot enough to be stifling but not quite cool enough to warrant the wearing of my blazer, was quite lovely. The view I took of the world at that moment in time was clearly one through through rose-tinted spectacles, but if this little burst of happiness in my life has such a marvelously profound effect on my frame of mind, then who gives a crap if I’m being overly exagerative and cheery; theres enough rubbish and monotony for people living in modern society to put up with as it is. It’s times like these make me think, f*** it, I’ll just enjoy life while I can =).

ps. hello ^^, you make me want to sing and dance 500 days style, all day every day.