In order to get myself through a long night of work last night I decided that several large mugs of mocha would be necessary if I was to not fall asleep at my desk. I am usually one that avoids the consumption of caffeine in order to keep myself artificially awake and for good reason it seems. Today has been something of a blur for me and a mighty shock to many of my schoolmates unlucky enough to stumble into conversation with me during school. I don’t really remember, but apparantly I was making animal/random noises and and talking to myself earlier, as well as being extraordinarily spaced out (even more so than usual); perhaps 1 hour of sleep and such copious amounts of caffeine was not a wise idea.I became slightly paranoid, slightly fidgety and generally just rather weird.

People soon started to worry and I was quick to reassure them with a vacant glance and the (in)appropriate random noise of recognition. On top of this, I didn’t even get to finish all my work so all this caffeine was wasted somewhat.


p.s. I like a box


The (educational) Garden of Love

I went to the garden of love
And saw what I never had seen
I saw aqa in the midst
Where I used to work on the green

And the gates of aqa HQ were shut
And “see AO’s” writ over the door
So I turn’d to the garden of love
That so many sweet flowers bore

And I saw it was filled with coursework
And failures where top grades should be
And staff with black frowns were marking their rounds
And stunting my yearning for some proper learning.

by Justin/William Blake

Dieeeeeee aqa 🙂

“It’s hard to shake the notion half the users (of mephedrone) aren’t trying to “escape the boredom of their lives”: just praying for a brief holiday from society’s unrelenting bullshit.” – Charlie Brooker

mephedrone- aka meow meow, m-cat, bubbles

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I must say that I am quite an avid food lover; cookery programmes are amongst my favourite television shows to watch and lately I have been doing a fair bit of bakery in my spare time. This eventually led to me finding a rather amazing food blog.

The time and love that has gone into this website and its intricate design and utterly inspiring recipes is instantly noticeable. Despite being a novice in the realm of photography, it is clear to me that the photos are of an extremely high quality and certainly do justice to the refreshingly unique and delicious looking food that features on the website.

Recipes range from Lemon Curd and Buttermilk Panna Cotta Cakes, to Meyer lemon and Pistachio Shortbread and Cherry Blossom Doughnuts; I was simply quite stunned by the originality and beauty of it all and thought I would share it with you all : )

The other day I went to Thorpe Park and words could not express my excitement, not for the stealth the 0-80 mph in 2.8 seconds, not for colossus the world’s first 10 inversion roller coaster but for Thorpe Park Farm. As silly as it sounds I was highly dismayed when I learnt that due to “lack of popularity” it had shut down :(. I remember seeing all the lovely animals each time and the amazing but highly angry duck who used to attack my little brother much to my amusement. I also miss the awesome gift shop and tea shop that sold the most delicious ice cream I have possibly tasted in my life (slight nostalgic bias).  Anyway I shall miss you dearly Thorpe Farm and your super cool train and ferry rides that go to and fro… sadly no more ='( *sniffle*

Today I made some lovely marshmallow cupcakes. Here is a cool piccy:

Coursework makes me sad.. that I cannot blog, I have lots of ideas but every time I try to write a coherent post I just find myself guilty that I’m not doing work and then having to stop. Apologies for anybody who has been disappointed by the lack of recent updates.

Anyway after this thursday it will all be over and I will once again be happy when I can return to the blog 🙂

I hate coursework eugh..

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One of my favourite blur (Coxon) songs : )

Mmmm I’m not sure exactly but I think I just slept from sometime a little after dinner to around 11.30pm ish. My sleeping schedule is probably now quite messed up I imagine haha..