Should I feel bad for doing this?

On the one hand I feel that seeking to gain benefit from a health campaign designed to help people in my perceived demographic (sexually active students) seems like an morally wrong thing to partake in. What right do I have to come along and just take the NHS’s free stuff? I think the fact that I know for certain almost, that I do not have these STIs makes it worse. Because, obviously, although the free stuff is meant to be an incentive for everyone, to attract the people who may/do have STIs to come forward and then, shock horror discover that, in the midst of enjoying their “if you can catch this, you can catch chlamydia” frisbee that the slogan makes sense all of a sudden.

The problem here is, that I know I probably do not have these STIs, I am merely exploiting the system for personal gain; I enjoy my frisbee, highlighter, keyring, phone sock, cinema ticket, led light, bag of condoms and lube safe in the knowledge that it was all free. Well, it’s the NHS’s problem not mine.