rare mushroom of some sort..

It all began in my bed, late one night. For whatever reason, in amongst my brain’s usual thoughts pokemon, pandas and McDonald’s, it suddenly occurred to me that I could do some exploring in my local area for nature. Everyone who knows me well, is aware of my love for nature and wildlife in particular. I spent most of my time in ayia napa… not drinking and clubbing as you might expect, but chasing after the many lizards that populate the island of cyprus, in addition to spending a whole morning scouring rockpools for crabs and prawns one day. But anyway, I thought it would make for an interesting day out for me certainly, and hopefully at least a semi-interesting blog update also :).

deer with horns...

The nature reserve I visited is notable for its deer herd, they were very friendly indeed. Although the big ones bullied the little ones, making it very hard for me and my companion to feed the younger deer.

Brown spotted butterfly

Walking down the path at the reserve I happened to come across this lovely butterfly specimen who perched itself happily on a patch of ground nearby; it was truly a delight for the eyes.

grey squirrel

A skyward view

Perhaps my favourite picture from my nature outing was the skyward view (see bottom), the picture doesn’t do the view justice. It truly was lovely with the silhouetted branches and leaves glimmering in the sunshine ^^.